Ultrasonic Distance Sensor Module

The HC-SR04 sensor, an economical yet powerful device, is employed for accurate distance measurements. Operating on the principle of emitting sound waves and calculating distance based on their return time, this sensor proves invaluable in a variety of applications. With an impressive range spanning from 2 cm to 400 cm, the HC-SR04 is widely recognized for its role in obstacle avoidance and precise distance measurements across diverse projects.

Within the context of the Smart Motor Driver (SMD), seamless integration with the HC-SR04 allows for the retrieval of integer data. This data is obtained through interactions with the sensor, showcasing the SMD's ability to harness the information provided by the HC-SR04 for effective decision-making and control. Whether used to navigate around obstacles or precisely measure distances, the integration of the HC-SR04 sensor with the SMD enhances the adaptability and functionality of motor control projects, ensuring a responsive and intelligent system.

Step Files:

Here are some of the sample projects that include this module:

Smart Doorlbell (including: SMD RED + RGB Module + Ultrasonic Distance Sensor Module + Buzzer Module)

The Python-based "Buzzer On/Off" application integrates an SMD Motor Driver, an add-on Buzzer Module, and an HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor Module to form an interactive system that reacts to nearby objects. The project is crafted to demonstrate the practical application of combining hardware components with Python programming.

AutomatΔ±c Trash Bin (including: SMD RED + Ultrasonic Distance Sensor Module + DC Motor)

The Python-based "Automatic Trash Bin" application utilizes an SMD Motor Driver, a DC Motor, and an add-on HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Module to establish a hands-free and hygienic waste disposal solution. This innovative project enables the trash bin lid to open automatically upon a user's approach, enhancing convenience and promoting a touch-free experience.

Radar (including: SMD RED + Ultrasonic Distance Sensor Module + DC Motor + 3D Printed Parts)

The "Radar" application is a captivating Python-based project that integrates hardware components, 3D printing, and programming to simulate a radar system. This project incorporates an SMD Motor Driver, a DC Motor, and an HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Distance Module mounted on the motor with 3D printed parts. As the motor rotates, the distance sensor gathers data and presents it in real-time on the user's screen, creating a radar-like visualization.

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