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The Acrome Smart Motor Driver (SMD) Documentation is a detailed manual that helps users easily control motors and sensors using a master system and a specially designed protocol. This guide is made to give users quick and effective command over motors for different uses. It includes thorough information about the motor driver's features, such as the layout of its pins and how to connect sensors. The documentation also covers communication methods and has specific sections on the RS485 protocol and an Auto-Tuner tool to help you fine-tune the performance of your motors.

Alongside the technical specifications, the documentation provides a clear, step-by-step tutorial on how to use Acrome's Smart Motor Drivers effectively by employing the Python API and the Arduino Library. To assist in practical learning and application, a wealth of sample codes are included as useful references. For users who need extra help or have specific questions, the documentation also includes contact details to ensure easy access to prompt and helpful customer support.

The documentation for Acrome's Smart Motor Drivers is an essential tool for anyone aiming to use these advanced motor control systems. It offers both in-depth technical information and practical instructions to improve the user experience and help users fully exploit the capabilities of these finely engineered devices.

About The SMD Family

Introducing our powerhouse family of motor drivers designed to elevate your automation projects to new heights: meet the SMD-RED, SMD-BLUE, and SMD-GREEN. These cutting-edge motor drivers are crafted to perfection, each tailored to cater to the unique needs of brushed DC motors, stepper motors, and brushless DC motors respectively. Engineered with precision and innovation, the SMD-RED ensures optimal performance for brushed DC motors, delivering a seamless blend of power and efficiency. The SMD-BLUE takes center stage as the ultimate companion for stepper motors, providing unparalleled control and precision in motion. Meanwhile, the SMD-GREEN steps into the future, offering state-of-the-art technology for brushless DC motors, promising a revolution in speed and reliability. Embrace the next generation of motor control with our SMD family, where quality meets innovation for a driving force like never before. Experience the seamless connectivity of our product with the introduction of the I2C port, serving as the gateway to a simplified world. Facilitating the Daisy Chain connection between your sensor modules and the driver module, it enables a hassle-free setup. Simply connect one sensor module to this port, initiating a smooth series of connections akin to a string of pearls, effortlessly linking each module to the next. The intelligent functionality of this motor driver, denoted as "SMART," significantly enhances the capabilities of the main controller. This enhancement is attributed to the embedded processor within the motor driver, which processes and manages various tasks.

Say goodbye to the complexities of managing connection orders and deciphering intricate pin configurations on your Arduino or Raspberry Pi. Our solution provides clarity – unite your drivers through the RS-485 ports and power them through the designated power ports. With this straightforward configuration, coding wizardry awaits, eliminating the need for any previous concerns.

SMD Network Topology

Here is a demonstration of SMD RED connections:

pageSMD Inputs and Outputs

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