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The Acrome Smart Motor Driver (SMD) documentation is a detailed guide to helps users easily control motors and sensors using a master system and a specialized protocol. This guide is designed to enable users to quickly and effectively control motors for various applications. It contains detailed information about the motor driver's features, such as its pin layout and how to connect sensors. The documentation also covers communication methods and has specific sections on the RS-485 protocol and an auto-tuning tool to help you fine-tune the performance of your motors.

Along with the technical specifications, the documentation provides a clear, step-by-step tutorial on how to effectively use SMD using the Python API and the Arduino Library. To support in practical learning and application, a wealth of sample code is included as useful reference. For users who need extra help or have specific questions, the documentation also includes contact details to ensure easy access to prompt and helpful customer support.

The SMD documentation is an essential tool for anyone wishing to use these advanced motor control systems. It provides both in-depth technical information and practical guidance to enhance the user experience and help users fully exploit the capabilities of these sophisticated devices.

About the SMD

SMD (Smart Motor Driver) is a modular product family designed to simplify the creation of robotics and automation systems in terms of electronics, software and hardware.

The main electronic part of the product family is the SMD, which can be daisy-chained with each other using the RS-485 protocol. Add-on modules such as joysticks, ultrasonic distance sensors, buttons (and much more) that communicate using the I2C protocol can be connected to each of these motor driver cards.

On the software side of the product family, there is ready-to-use graphical user interface software (called SMD User Interface, or SMD UI) and programming libraries for Python and the Arduino ecosystem.

The SMD UI is a multi-functional application that can be downloaded for free. With the SMD UI, users can easily auto-tune the motors, read data from add-on modules, and assign the SMD IDs without writing code. SMD UI also provides an easy way to update the firmware of each individual SMD.

SMD Family also includes a Building Set with that allows you to easily create the mechanical structures of the robotic systems. The Building Set consists of metal plates, joints for connecting the plates and modules, accessory parts for motors and actuators and also other useful parts.

SMD Electronic Network Topology

Here is a demonstration of SMD RED connections:

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