RGB Module

The RGB Module incorporates a versatile LED capable of displaying 14 different colors. The LED's color output is determined by the value sent from the Smart Motor Driver (SMD) to the module. This dynamic functionality allows for a spectrum of vibrant colors, enhancing visual feedback and customization options within motor control applications.

The RGB Module's color palette encompasses a diverse range, including classic colors such as red, green, and blue, as well as variations like white, yellow, cyan, magenta, orange, purple, pink, amber, teal, indigo, and amber. Each color corresponds to a specific value sent by the SMD, enabling users to create visually intuitive displays or indicators.

This collaborative interplay between the RGB Module and the SMD showcases the integration of visual feedback elements into motor control systems. Whether used for status indication, system monitoring, or aesthetic customization, the RGB Module's ability to render a rich array of colors adds a dynamic and engaging dimension to the overall motor control experience facilitated by the Smart Motor Driver.

Step Files:

Here are some of the sample projects that include this module:

Action - Reaction (including: SMD RED + RGB Module + Button Module)

The interactive Python project named "LED Turn On/Off" utilizes an SMD Motor Driver, an add-on LED Module, and a Push Button Module to enable users to control the LED's state. It is tailored to offer an engaging hands-on experience for those keen on integrating Python programming with hardware control, showcasing fundamental input and output interactions in a straightforward manner.

Autonomous Lighting (including: SMD RED + RGB Module + Ambient Light Sensor Module)

The Python-based “Automatic LED Turn On/Off” application integrates an SMD Motor Driver, an add-on LED Module, and an Ambient Light Sensor Module to form an intelligent lighting system. This project automatically adjusts the LED’s state according to ambient light conditions, offering an energy-efficient solution suitable for diverse environments.

Seccurity System (including: SMD RED + RGB Module + Ultrasonic Distance Sensor Module + Buzzer Module)

The "Security System" application is a Python-based project that leverages hardware components to create a simple yet effective security monitoring system. This project utilizes an SMD Motor Driver, an RGB LED Module, a Buzzer Module, and an HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Distance Module. The system is designed to activate an alarm and visual warning signals if the detected distance falls below a predetermined threshold.

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