Potentiometer Module

The Potentiometer Module, featuring a measuring instrument known as a potentiometer, serves as a fundamental component in the measurement of electric potential or voltage. Functioning as a voltage divider, the potentiometer allows for precise adjustment of the output voltage by varying its resistance.

In the context of motor control facilitated by the Smart Motor Driver (SMD), the Potentiometer Module plays a crucial role in providing real-time data. The potentiometer, integrated into the module, generates a value ranging between 0 and 255, reflecting the specific voltage or potential at the given moment. This data is then transmitted to the SMD, allowing it to capture and interpret the instantaneous voltage level.

The collaboration between the Potentiometer Module and the SMD demonstrates the adaptability of the Smart Motor Driver to diverse input sources. Whether utilized for manual control adjustments, system calibration, or other applications requiring precise voltage measurements, the Potentiometer Module's integration showcases the flexibility and responsiveness inherent in the Smart Motor Driver's motor control capabilities.

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