Joystick Module

The Joystick module offers users an intuitive means of controlling compatible devices, allowing for input through precise joystick movements. Typically equipped with two potentiometers for the X and Y axes, along with a push button, this module provides a versatile interface for users to interact with the system.

The module outputs crucial position and button status data, which is then transmitted to the Smart Motor Driver (SMD). The information sent from the Joystick Module to the SMD is structured as an array with three distinct values. These values correspond to the X direction (ranging between 1 and 0), the Y direction (also between 1 and 0), and the button status (either 1 or 0).

In practical terms, this array encapsulates the user's joystick movements, detailing the extent of displacement along the X and Y axes and indicating whether the joystick button is pressed or not. The SMD, with its capacity to process and interpret this data, can seamlessly integrate joystick input into the motor control system, enabling responsive and user-friendly interactions.

Whether navigating a robotic system, controlling a motorized vehicle, or managing any other motor-driven application, the Joystick Module's ability to transmit precise and real-time input data enhances the versatility and user experience of the Smart Motor Driver. This integration aligns with the SMD's adaptability, showcasing its capability to incorporate diverse input sources for dynamic and responsive motor control.

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