Brushed DC Motor Driver

ACROME SMD RED - DC Motor Driver

This board is meticulously engineered to simplify the control of DC motors in mobile robots, making it an indispensable asset in your robotics toolkit.

At the heart of its adaptability lies compatibility with a diverse range of applications, supporting a broad range of different SMD Modules. This flexibility allows you to tailor the board to meet the unique requirements of your motion projects.

Unlocking a new level of scalability, our motor driver board facilitates a synchronized network for efficient motor control by accommodating up to 250 SMD-RED PCBs through the RS-485 BUS. This unparalleled scalability empowers you to tackle large-scale projects with ease, ensuring synchronized and coordinated motor control across the network.

Simplify your power management with the onboard power connectors, providing a convenient solution for chaining power lines. This streamlined approach enhances the efficiency of your motor control setup, allowing for seamless integration and operation.

In summary, our motor driver board is more than just a technological marvel; it's a solution that elevates your motor control projects to new heights. With unmatched performance, adaptability, and scalability, this board sets a new standard in the world of motor control technology, promising to be the cornerstone of your most ambitious projects.


The ACROME SMD - DC Motor Driver board is packed with features designed to optimize your robotics projects:

Autotune Function: - Autotune function that optimizes the performance of the DC motor, ensuring that it operates at its best - Choice between aggressive optimization using the Ziegler-Nichols method or more gradual optimization using the Cohen-Coon method, depending on the specific requirements of the robot project

Synchronization Capability: - Ability to synchronize multiple ACROME SMD - DC Motor Driver boards for controlling multiple motors simultaneously The ACROME SMD - DC Motor Driver board has the capability to work in synchronization with the RS485 protocol, This enhances its versatility as a solution for many system development, as RS485 is a commonly used communication protocol in industrial applications.


The ACROME SMD - DC Motor Driver board offers a range of benefits that make it a standout choice for mobile robot development:

  • Versatile and powerful solution for mobile robot development

  • Autotune feature makes controlling and optimizing DC motor’s performance easier

  • Daisy chaining allows efficient control of multiple motors, simplifying complex robotics and automation tasks

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